About GINX

Ginx is a collection of farmers and scientists dedicated to spread the awesomeness of Korean ginseng.

Our obsession with ginseng began two decades ago. As a small bio-tech start up, our first challenge was to combine Eastern traditional medicine with Western biotechnology. And ginseng, which has been loved by medical practitioners for thousands of years, has been the best material.
From the local farms in southern Korean peninsula to the high tech labs in universities, it was a journey to realize the amazing benefits of this ancient root.

Now we are one of the global leader of plant-derived ingredients. We have a number of patents in the fields of food processing and biotechnology. We supply raw materials to global cosmetics and food companies. Still one fact made us distressed - the fact that so many people live without knowing the benefits of ginseng.

That’s why we decided to create a delicious ginseng treat that no one can resist. Our ginseng gummies are designed to provide optimal nutrition for your daily needs while maintain good taste. Enjoy your daily ginseng-!
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  • How does ginseng work?

  • Who needs ginseng?

  • Ginseng and immune health

How does ginseng work?

Ginseng is an adaptogen: This means that the body is able to protect itself better against disturbing and pathogenic influences from the outside or it is able to adjust better to corresponding stresses, it "adapts" itself.
The ginseng effect is therefore not specifically directed against certain diseases, but rather unspecific. Thus, a healthy body does not seem to respond to ginseng, but with onset of stress, it can handle this much better than it would be the case without ginseng.
This protection can be effective against any kind of negative influences, both against physical and chemical as well as against biological and mental. It is essential that the defense always runs in the sense of normalization. In other words, ginseng has both stimulating, invigorating and calming properties. An explanation for this can be found in the agents of the ginseng root.
The most important site of action of the ginsenosides is probably the hypothalamus, a region in the midbrain from which all hormonal and neuronal processes are centrally controlled, which serve to maintain the state of equilibrium in the body.

Who needs ginseng

Ginseng can in principle be taken by anyone and regardless of age. It is recommended especially for prevention of various symptoms and in the recovery phase after a serious illness. The healthier and well-toned your body, the more balanced your soul and psyche, the less you perceive the effect. But ginseng works in secrecy: A healthy body does not seem to respond to ginseng, but it can handle it much better when it comes to stresses and strains than it would without ginseng.
Ginseng is especially recommended for stressed people (manager, working mothers, teachers), shifters (nurses, policemen), seniors, athletics, patients in recovery after surgery and people who want to prevent stress related symptoms.

Ginseng and immune health

Ginseng has been extensively reported to maintain homeostasis of the immune system and to enhance resistance to illness or microbial attacks through the regulation of immune system.
Immune system comprises of different types of cells fulfilling their own specialized functions, and each type of the immune cells is differentially influenced and may be simultaneously controlled by intake of ginseng supplement. Ginseng increases the number of white blood cells, which are responsible for the detection and defense of pathogens. The production of messengers, which are responsible for the communication within the "defense team", is also increased by ginseng. With the help of ginseng the body is well prepared against stress factors, in this case pathogens.