Red Ginseng – Raw Ingredients

  • UHP Red Ginseng Extract

    100% red ginseng concentrate can be produced using ultra-high pressure technology
    Red ginseng concentrate can be produced using traditional methods
  • UHP Red Ginseng Powder

    Red ginseng powder using ultra-high pressure technology
    Alternatively, red ginseng concentrated powder can be produced.
  • Honeyed Red Ginseng Slices and Roots

    Cut red ginseng into thin slices and make honey-pickled red ginseng slices.
    The red ginseng circle is soaked and vacuum-packed one root at a time, Red ginseng tablets can be produced

Red Ginseng – Product Development

Private Label Branded Red Ginseng Products
Nutrex can help manufacture private label branded red ginseng products from Korea.
  • Pure Extracts

    Pure Extracts

  • Pouch Drinks

    Pouch Drinks

  • Ampule Drinks

    Ampule Drinks

  • Jelly Sticks / Gummies

    Jelly Sticks / Gummies

  • Capsules


  • Honeyed Slices

    Honeyed Slices

Red Ginseng – Overseas Sales

drink is made from the rare ginseng berries, which bear fruit only after four years of growing, and the patented ultra-high pressure red ginseng extracts, to provide you with a spectrum of health benefits.
Overseas Sales