About Us

About Us


Nutrex Technology is an R&D based company established in 2002 with backgrounds in biotechnology
and food sciences. With our knowledge of both modern Western sciences and traditional Eastern medicine,
our goal is to provide our customers with new food and cosmetic ingredients derived from
our own researches as well as new innovative ingredients sourced from abroad.

We have strategically networked with large Korean corporations, academic and government
institutions to provide many different ingredients and products using our proprietary herbal
formulations and patented biotech & food processing technologies.

We hope to be the sought-after source for innovative products as our goal is to provide
our customers with the essential ingredients to meet their high demands and expectations.

Nutrex is committed to creating new value by introducing distinctive products to the market
and applying the most advanced technologies to ensure our customers enjoy
the best of the newest ingredients for general food, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.

Sung Han Kim, Ph.D. CEO / Nutrex Technology Co., Ltd.


  • Vision 2025

    $100M sales in 2025
  • Core Competence

    Knowledge of Both East & West Nutritional Values
  • Global Involvement

    New & Innovative Product Discovery & Marketing
  • Korea & Beyond

    Strategic Alliances, Partnerships & Branch Offices
  • CEO’s Experience
    & R&D Network

  • Functional Food Industry Network
    & Product Development

  • Novel Food Processing
    & Enhancing Technology

  • Nutritional & Scientific
    Food Synergy Mechanism