Supports a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Ginseng is an adaptogen: This means that the body is able to protect itself better against disturbing and pathogenic influences from the outside or it is able to adjust better to corresponding stresses, it “adapts” itself.
    The ginseng effect is therefore not specifically directed against certain diseases, but rather unspecific. Thus, a healthy body does not seem to respond to ginseng, but with onset of stress, it can handle this much better than it would be the case without ginseng.
  • Ginseng can in principle be taken by anyone and regardless of age. It is recommended especially for prevention of various symptoms and in the recovery phase after a serious illness. The healthier and well-toned your body, the more balanced your soul and psyche, the less you perceive the effect. But ginseng works in secrecy: A healthy body does not seem to respond to ginseng, but it can handle it much better when it comes to stresses and strains than it would without ginseng.
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  • 비타민C

    Vit C

    Support cellular function of both
    innate and Adaptive immune system.
  • 인삼

    Red Ginseng

    Well known immune modulator.
    It also gives natural energy boost.
  • 아연


    Zinc is known to play a central
    role in the immune system.


As a dietary supplement,
take three(3) gummies daily.

  • Total Carbohydrate 3.3g
  • Total Sugars 2g
  • Red Ginseng extract 125mg
  • Vitamin C (167% Daily Value) 167mg
  • Zinc 0.85mg


Cold & flu season is here. If you can not avoid viruses, fight back-!
All star elements are here: Mega Dose Vitamin C + Red Ginseng + Zinc.
This synergetic formula helps support a healthy immune system.


This gummy tastes great. I was really anticipating it to taste like bottom of dried vomit after a night of Korean clubbing. But oh no, it does not bring back those fond memories in K town. It is lemon-flavored and easily chewable. Only thing concerning is the glucose. That will make dentists enjoy filling little holes in teeth. Yes. Hold the tongue back. Hold the cheek back. Drill and fill. Such fun. The packaging is nice. I feel great so far with the product. An extra 2 hours of energy to mud for me. Give this product a try. Easily the best tasting gummy out there.

Link Killer

I always knew red ginseng was one of healthiest food for your body and your immune system but never quite liked the taste of it. Then I was so happy to find this product that tastes so good (like candy!). I love the sour lemon flavor which masks almost all of the bitter ginseng flavor. I look forward to taking them everyday!

Bryan Hurt

It tastes really good unlike other ginseng jellies that has strong after taste. My family and I wanted to take ginseng gummy to boost immunity, and I think both kids and adults will enjoy this product because of its nice flavor too.


I have been searching for supplemental products to help boost my family’s immune system during this flu/COVID-19 season. We have been taking vitamin c and zinc but was recently reminded ginseng is also a great supplement to add to your daily ritual. This product is amazing as it also includes vitamin c, zinc and ginseng allowing us to only have to take these. There is a ginseng taste but the taste is more lemony with a hint of ginseng, just enough to remind you you are taking a ginseng product. My kids also like eating their “lemon drops”!

Amazon Customer

I have taken the ginx vitamin for 3 weeks and feel energy boost. I heard Ginseng made in korea is the best quality so I was drawn to this product. It really helps my health, so I bring to the office to share with coworkers. It has become popular because easy to take and doesn't get stuck between the teeth and they began buying their own. Really great product and I recommend it!


We have had many different red ginseng products and many of them are very hard to eat. Red Ginseng can tend to be a bit bitter, but we were very surprised and happy to try this product. It is very tasty and also very soft. The health benefits of ginseng are amazing and we take this as a regular part of our diet. Highly recommend!

David C. Debond

The taste of Ginseng was masked and it was quite tasty. Worth a try if you’ve wanted get the benefits of Ginseng without the bad taste!


In this time worrying about viruses I decided to get this immunity supplement. They’ve done a great job to add a citrus taste for the ginseng which can be really bitter normally. So far it’s been great as an energy booster and I also have the vitamin C as well.


It is well known that Korean Red Ginseng has many health benefits without doubt. Old days, Ginseng was usually taste bitter and preparation is not easy. Ginx solves the problem nice way in terms of tastes and consumption. Lemon taste is great, and gummy tablet is even enjoyable. Enjoyed taking a bottle of 90 gummies. Highly qualified and recommended.


I love the fresh flavor of these gummies. One serving is 3 gummies which I thought was a lot but it is still a fun way to get you vitamins

Jamie M

Awesome product with great taste! Wish I could take more than 3 per day!

Maurice Wright

I love this gummy. I hated the taste of zinc pills and ginseng extract, but this gummy really solves that trouble. Highly recommended!